Waimea Intermediate School
Salisbury Road,
Ph: (03) 544-8994
Fax: (03) 541 0511

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Waimea Intermediate School

We offer a modern integrated curriculum using a range of instructional and organisational techniques to cater for students of all ability levels.
We combine homeroom, specialist and semi-specialist teaching to provide varied and challenging opportunities for students at this significant stage of development.

Staff work in teams to ensure quality learning opportunities for all students. They value open communication between home and school.

Waimea Intermediate is unique in being one of the few semi-rural Intermediates and is situated in a large campus environment with Henley Primary and Waimea College sharing expansive grounds and excellent facilities.  Classrooms and other spaces have been upgraded in recent years to provide modern learning environments. Attention to outdoor areas has resulted in grounds that are engaging and stimulating for play as well as sport and PE.

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